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I visited Jen and Steve’s house to photograph their walls (to later Photoshop their photos onto the walls) and had a crazy animal experience ~ I held, pet and connected with a GECKO!
The sweetest little animal, gentle, smooth, colorful with, what seemed to be, long luscious eye lashes that told me he ‘will love me forever.’ Steve and Jen have loved one another for 25 years. Seems to me they will also love one another forever, although I’m quite sure Steve doesn’t have long luscious eye lashes.
Steve and Jen’s lives revolve around family love and laughter. They laugh with one another, at themselves and all things around them.
Taking life too seriously can be draining. Why not make the best of it and find something positive even during challenging times? It’s all a matter of perspective and Steve, Jen and the kids ~ LOOK UP. Except when the family is at Karate together, where you’ll find them starring down opponents and ready to fight!
Family time is spent not only laying on the ground watching cloud pictures, but also on cruise ships, in their GIs at their Dojo, or on the couch in PJs with two parents, three kids, one cat, one dog and  . . .  three geckos that will, love forever.

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