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I believe strongly in a positive attitude and surrounding myself with all things happy. My motto: Think good, say good, do good.  When my name changed to “Mama” I resigned from my pharmaceutical marketing career and successfully launched my photography hobby into a “Mompreneur” career.

I can’t wait to smell my grandchildren and I’m the proud owner of Four Belly Buttons, who I refer to as my Monkeys.  They are the inspiration behind my portrait business, www.KathieAustinPhotography.com, and my school portrait business, www.Leap-Frog-Photography.com. They provide vision with assisting on shoots, planning all things creative, managing the studio, the office and by helping me maintain a constant state of . . . serenity.

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I have been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all my life. They taste best at three o’clock in the morning with vanilla almond milk. I want to live on sushi, smoothies, salad and, yep, PB&Js. But Reeses are the key to my heart. I run a mile a day to connect with the clouds and keep my tackle box and fishing pole in the car just in case. 

Let it Be

I live and breathe a deep, genuine passion and love for photography and can’t wait to tell your story. Thank you for considering Kathie Austin Photography. Let’s shoot!


Gene Bernieri - I just picked up your website via Linked in. I just had to tell you your site puts out a very positive feeling. I am a healtcare professional and appreciate this kind of work.

Well done and good luck !

Gene Bernieri

Kathie Austin - Thanks, Gene! Glad to be connected.

Melissa Deleon - Love, love, love your website and even more your pics! It’s apparent that you love what you do and you are brilliant. I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter’s (Angelina) school pics.

Kathie Austin - Melissa, thanks! I hope you love Angelina’s pics. She was a C.U.T.I.E. pie! Follow my school portrait business on FB or via it’s website at http://www.Leap-Frog-Photography.com!

joe mack - HI,after all the back and forth on Linked in, I wanted to see your web site. I MUST SAY IT IS VERY NICE.

Kathie Austin - Thanks! I appreciate the visit!

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