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Special bond between cousins. I see it with my kids. They have tons of friends that they truly love, but their cousins are like siblings that just live in a different house. Even the cousins that live far away and we don’t see very often are top on the love list. It’s the same connection for these cutie batootie kiddies that I photographed.

Their grandmother hired me ~ it’s funny even referring to Deb as a “grandmother” because she seems so young to me! Her grandkid list is growing quickly, too. Baby number four just arrived, we’ll have to do another round of photos in a couple of years to catch up to this growing family!

I have to remember this for when I’m a Grandma ~ Deb takes the grandkids for two weeks each summer, “Camp Grandma.” Lots of activities, family visits, and it’s all recorded on a private family blog. Each day photos and cute stories are recorded. Love that! What a great memory for the kids to look back on when they are older. I want to go to Camp Grandma and get loved by Deb! Just beautiful.

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