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Once a month I take one of my four Monkeys out for “Focus Day.” They get to spend the day ALONE with their mama and I get to FOCUS on them. Quality time they well deserve, since I’m a BUSY single parent working full time. Her nickname is Chicken Noodle because she is my clone and I was called Chicken Noodle growing up.
Chicken Noodle wanted to participate in a Rick Sammon Shoot Out in NYC. We had a crazy good time. She was the only child among maybe 100 photographers. She stands out in a crowd. {all the time}

Pictured above you see her using her cell phone to record a video of this very cool blues musician. To the right is the image I took of him. Added that baby to my portfolio!

Above you see the Chicken Noodle teaching the Chicken Noodle how to angle a shot to make it creative. (Thank you, Juan Pons, for giving me this image!) She was taking a pic of herself in the reflection of the car’s rearview mirror. Check out that cool shot she took! She’s got super potential!

Pictured above is one of my favorite shots of this girlie. We had about three seconds to take this image. During the red light, we practiced jumping a few times. When the traffic light in Times Square turned from red to green, I asked the pedestrians to give me a moment to take a shot . . . I laid on the ground, counted to THREE and she jumped! ~ Great memory of the day!

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